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Silver launches new website designed and built by LUV

LUV was commissioned to design and build Silver’s new website, and we are excited to announce the recent launch.

New annual report for AIHA

Over the past months, we have worked with Agudas Israel Housing Association (AIHA) to design this years annual report.

New corporate identity launched for Women’s Pioneer Housing

Women’s Pioneer Housing was founded in 1920 by suffragists, who understood the importance of providing women with good quality affordable homes of their own, as part of their wider fight for women’s equality.

The unfathomable potential for the future of NFTs

All of us here at LUV are always interested in new and upcoming ways of generating ideas and interacting with the creative community. One of the latest buzzwords which is taking over is NFTs – it has captured the national and international headlines; therefore, our LUV team have created here a quick Q&A introduction to NFTs.