Introducing Made with LUV

Friday 13 August, 2021

Made with LUV is an independent designer label with an ethos to create things that do good, feel good and look good.

We produce high-quality garments and prints inspired by our individual interests as designers. We also consider the environmental impact within our approaches and design ideas for each product. Here are some of the products you will find in our online store.

Garments & accessories
All our clothing are printed via water-based silkscreen and made locally in London.  Behind each T-shirt design, is an environmental story. Our popular graphic Formula 1 T-shirt represents this environmentally conscious change of what was once a CO2 emitting, petrol-guzzling sport. Mclaren went carbon neutral seven years ago through emission control, and now Formula E shaping the way for a green future in consumer cars.

Our ‘Bag of Love’ is made with Hamanaka Eco-Andaria Yarn; which is from the same wood pulp as paper and is an environmentally friendly material, meaning it will return to the earth without any negative impacts on the ecology. This bag, the result of an intensive research and development process by LUV that brings out its natural features, owes its name to the theme of its creation.

Greetings cards and designs
Our range of t-shirt prints are also available as a series of greetings cards.Our Formula 1 tee inspired the creation of an automotive series, which celebrates the beauty of automotive design throughout history within the racing and commercial industry.

Visit the Made with LUV store to see our full range of products.



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