LUV Charity partners with The Photography Foundation to provide a website training workshop for creative trainees

Wednesday 18 January, 2023

Last week, our charity vehicle LUV Charity delivered their second workshop with the photography trainees from The Photography Foundation.

Our partnership with The Photography Foundation

A couple of months ago, LUV Charity delivered their first workshop with the trainees from The Photography Foundation, which covered self-promotion and branding. This workshop helped the trainees understand the fundamentals of a brand identity for their own photography business and it also encouraged the trainees to think about their purpose and career direction.

As the photography trainees were beginning to build their websites, LUV Charity designed and delivered a second workshop of the series which provided useful tips to creating a successful website.

Aims and objectives of our collaboration

During our 3 and a half hour workshop, our workshop facilitators, Katie, Thanh and Henna discussed the different stages of the website-building process including content generation, establishing information architecture, UX/UI, building the website and finally the pre-launch checks.

Katie, the creative facilitator says:

“When designing a website, it is important to make sure you don’t jump straight into the design. Organising your content, establishing information architecture and considering the user experience of the website are crucial steps to make sure your target audience can find what they are looking for. Often this could be overlooked.’

As well as presentations and group discussions, the LUV Charity workshop facilitators also provided a tutorial on how to export images correctly for web using Photoshop. This is a crucial exercise to make sure all images are optimised for web. Not only will this keep your website running smoothly and fast, but it can also improve SEO as search engines crawl your website.

At the end of the workshop, LUV discussed the importance of pre-launch checks and provided the trainees feedback on their own websites they have started to create.

Thanh, the social value lead and facilitator says:
‘It is great to see how each trainee’s personality and style shines through on their website. Each trainee has started to consider how colour and font compliments their photography. They are all starting to create a unique website that is their own.’

Henna, the creative facilitator adds:
‘Discussing pre-launch checklists is really key. It is important to make sure your website is responsive and all links are working especially; as this could disrupt and impact the user journey for someone interested in your work.’


Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed working with The Photography Foundation and working with the trainees. We look forward to connecting trainees with our network of creative partners for future work experiences and we wish them the best of luck as they continue their traineeship and career progression.

Interested in a LUV Charity training workshop?

We are always on the lookout for partners and organisations for collaborating and coproducing workshops just like this one. Drop us a line with your name, contact number, email and London Borough you live at

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