LUV Charity’s Social Value Lead, Thanh Uong, becomes a 1MM mentor

Friday 14 April, 2023

One Million Mentors (1MM) is a community-based mentoring system which connects young, local talented mentees with their ever-expanding network of professional mentors. Our Social Value Lead for LUV Charity, Thanh Uong, has recently completed the 1MM Mentor Training programme and is now a fully trained certified 1MM mentor.

Why is mentoring important for young talented individuals who want to get in to the design industry?

The creative industries are known for being dynamic and exciting, providing opportunities for people to express their creativity, develop their skills, and build successful careers. However, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds often face significant barriers to entering these industries due to a lack of connections, education, and training.

Through personal, one-to-one mentoring, these talented mentees can expand their knowledge, network, skills and gain the confidence they need to succeed. By focusing on the development of hard and soft skills, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness, our mentors can help young people overcome the barriers they face and achieve their goals.

With the right support and guidance, young people from all backgrounds can thrive in the creative industries and build successful and fulfilling careers.

Interested in being a mentee?

If you could benefit from being connected with a mentor, get in touch today. Drop us a line with your name, contact number, email and London Borough at

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