Digital and aftercare & support

British Geological Survey (BGS)

The British Geological Survey website is a world-leading geoscience centre for survey and monitoring; modelling and research; data and knowledge. It aims to advance geo-scientific knowledge of the United Kingdom landmass and its continental shelf by means of systematic surveying, monitoring and research.

Strategic Objective

Based on the broad range of information types involving data, research, news posts, social media and more across over 40,000 pages, BGS identified a number of initiatives that would benefit the user experience as well as the project delivery process.

For instance to:

  • Improve the overall user experience 
  • Build a better and editor-friendly CMS and editing processes
  • WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility
  • Work in close collaboration with another design agency
  • Ideate solutions that support BGS’s 5 year Digital Strategy

Challenges faced

To create a range of creative, technical and content solutions that deliver a positive, measurable effect on the organisation’s current and future business objectives and a meaningful engagement with digital audiences.   

Insights used

A series of core research tasks were carried out in order to gain relevant information, knowledge and workshop stimulus. This ensured that our understanding was comprehensive, and guaranteed that we hit the ground running immediately. We also adopted an Atomic methodology to build a modular solution for an easier editing experience.

Creative Design & Development Solutions

  • A responsive digital interface.
  • A set of user-friendly template modules that can be organised to suit the broad depth of content.
  • Capturing the brand guidelines in a digital format, taking in to consideration AA accessibility, to create brand consistency throughout.
  • Designing a consistent global navigation.
  • A well-structured site that balances the mass overload of content and breaks it down into granular, user-friendly content.
  • Modular content blocks for editors to create entirely new page templates.

End to End approach


Communication workshop, research and analysis

IA Audit

Content evaluation / Categorisation and taxonomy / Navigation labelling and wayfinding / New site map / Migration planning

UX and design

UX wireframming / UI design / UI Toolkit (style guide and designs) / user testing / forms


Frontend development HTML template / backend CMS integration / content migration / refinement for all design stages exercise

QA & refinement

Quality assurance testing / refinement / prototype testing

Deployment & support

Internal and external implement / CMS training, Staging site development and testing / live site deployment