We were selected by The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) to offer our brand positioning and user experience advisory around an agile exploration, ideation and delivery of a resolution to wider strategic objectives. Our solutions were shaped by data-driven research and testing, and the output for a broad range of public and business users.


As a workplace pension scheme set up by the government, NEST makes sure that every UK employer has access to a workplace pension scheme that meets the requirements of the new pension rules. They also offer other high-quality features to help their members and advisors; whether it’s savings, helping other clients, educate on retirement etc.

Based on relative achievability and incremental benefit to the member in 2017, NEST identified a number of initiatives that would benefit its membership, as well as support better scheme outcomes. For instance to: 

1) Improve the overall member experience 

2) Develop a fully mobile experience 

3) Agile, insight led digital strategy 

4) Build digital capabilities. 


To attract greater engagement from NEST’s members. Target interventions could lead to positive outcomes for both the membership and the scheme, such as better member and scheme outcomes.


Following GDS Service Standards, thorough research was conducted to gain feedback on various campaigns and to understand how effectively it supported users with checking the health of their pension and re-engage with NEST, and what their current pain points were. Behavioural analytics was used to engage content and CTAs positioning through an iterative environment.


  • Design workshops including up-skilling/knowledge transfer to client team
  • High-level concept vision of the new site, based on an updated brand identity
  • Design roadmap to stage the implementation rollout
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Updated information hierarchy and navigation
  • Split audience homepages and navigation
  • New template designs for the key public pages homepage, specialist content pages, form journeys
  • Design treatment for global header and footer
  • Atomic methodology and modular approach including typography usage, button hierarchy, interactive elements styles and MPU content blocks.
  • Early member’s app concept design and prototype
  • Redesign of the transactional (member’s log in) portal area


We have successfully completed stage three scope of delivery. The overall feedback from NEST and its stakeholders are extremely well received and our designs have provided a 2 year design roadmap and rollout.

End to End approach


communication workshop, research analysis


UX and UI for website redesign


technical advisory for design validation

QA & refinement

quality assurance testing / refinement / high-fidelity prototyping testing


internal and external implementation / training

Project management

weekly project updates / Basecamp for project tasks tracking / Slack for communication / scheduling & scoping / TeamGantt software to track, anticipate and reallocate resources