Design, Digital & Aftercare Support

Osborne + Co

Osborne+Co operate globally as a real estate development and investment partnership and has an impressive portfolio throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the United States.


Osborne+Co’s core mission is for the buildings and places they conceive, invest in, and create to inspire businesses and enable people to lead more productive, happier, and sustainable lives. Part of their drive is to focus more on meeting their strict internal KPIs around ESG and social value.

The brief

Osborne+Co wanted something new and different to their previous site, which placed aesthetics over function. Due to a lack of support, the site functionality fell into a buggy and broken state, resulting in poor UX. So we codesigned with the client to determine the new website brief by laying a foundation that addresses their current business challenges.

Our approach and challenges

There was a distinct lack of content and visitors were not gaining a detailed understanding of their business, solid track record and ESG potential, so we restructured their existing IA and worked on content planning. Since much of the information was new or only lived amongst the internally circulated documents and client brochures, we had to overcome the challenge of feasibly obtaining the information for our content writers and web designers to extend into meaningful and organised pages of content before progressing with the development and build.

The results

Working on the content planning achieved a serendipitous two-birds and one-stone effect where a lot of the internally displaced content became reorganised, front-focused and visible through the final website as well as making it much easier for our client’s team to seek or forward appropriate track record and case study information to their leads. The news section of the site is now routinely updated.

With an ambitious growing client like Osborne+Co, we are already working on Phase 2 modification to increase design flair.

End-to-End approach


Communication workshop, research and analysis

IA Audit

Content evaluation / Categorisation and taxonomy / Navigation labelling and wayfinding / New site map / Migration planning

UX and Design

UX wireframming / UI design / UI Toolkit (style guide and designs) / user testing / forms


Content migration / refinement for all design stages exercise

QA refinement

Quality assurance testing / refinement / prototype testing

Deployment support

Internal and external implement / Staging site development and testing / live site deployment