Design, digital and aftercare & support

Queen Square Private Healthcare

Queen Square Private Healthcare has been providing specialist patient care since 1859. Home to the United Kingdom’s largest dedicated hospital for neurological disease as well as multiple world renowned academic and research instructions, Queen Square is the foremost centre for specialist, cutting-edge neurological care.


We have worked with Queen Square in the production of informative offline materials as well as the digital transformation of a new website with key focus to increase the number of annual bookings by 130%. 

The website

Our key challenge was to increase the number of consultations and MRI scans in Queen Square. Through a series of workshops including patients and clinical consultants to understand the touch points of the journey, we responded by redesigning navigations that encouraged bookings. We designed a system of templates and widgets that provided prospective patients richer content in the form of high quality images and videos, in answer to their typical online search enquiries. The addition of more targeted call to actions helped optimise conversion rates and increasing the bookings in comparison to the previous design.


A search functionality allows the user to search by symptom, speciality or name which makes it easier to connect patients to the correct specialists for treatment enquiries.


Split navigation creates dedicated patients and health professionals homepages and navigation to switch to access content targeted to the intended audience. An article-led Knowledge Base in the patients section, allows patients to flick through categorised content that is related to their symptoms (and enhances SEO).


We designed a set of website guidelines that outlined the use of typography, colours, imagery and functionalities whilst also considering WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility.

The Queen Square app

The Queen Square app is a web-based booking management application that allows patients to stay up to date with their consultation & MRI bookings. This is supported by an admin database managed by Queen Square. Users will have the ability to edit their personal details to make sure all information is up to date as well as pre-sign a scanning waiver form. They will also have the ability to cancel or change appointments. Email & sms notifications controlled by the admin will communicate whether the information has been approved.

A mockup mobile phone showing a book an appointment page from our Queen square site