Digital & Aftercare Support


Silver are a development and construction consultancy specialising in project management, surveying and inspection services.

The brief

Silver approached us to design and build a new, refreshed website that brought their services and extensive experience to the forefront while considering their existing brand guidelines.

From the initial workshop, we worked with Silver to understand the challenges of the existing website and help establish the main visions and goals they wanted to achieve with this new website design and build.

Challenges and solutions

By working together to develop the new information architecture, we could establish clearer navigational journeys to their content and targeted CTAs, connecting potential customers with their services whilst showcasing their extensive experience with detailed project case studies.

We understood that the existing website made it difficult to access and share project case studies across social media platforms, as they required dedicated pages. By setting up dedicated post-type project pages, the content is now easier to access and share, and each project also provides more opportunities for storytelling.

Established in 1945, Silver have a rich history and are proud of their employee retention. One of the main areas we developed together more closely is the careers section to help promote career development and progression as well as graduate opportunities. We used a broad range of modules to captivate this user market, including timelines, testimonials and higher CTA visibility to encourage prospective job applicants. Incorporating forms powered by Gravity Forms also helped Silver to keep track of all recruitment enquiries in an organised manner, helping to bring them close to the next generation of talent.

UI styling

For each module design, we considered how we could incorporate the Silver brand colours into each element while adding soft animation effects to add movement and interest to each page. A key list of modular templates was established that could be reused across different pages, making it easier to add content to each section and consistency to the overall UI styling.

We considered typographic hierarchy throughout with a clear structure of heading styles for each page to add visual interest and improve search engine optimisation.

The results

Our communication workshops, combined with content evaluation, navigation labelling, UX, and UI, have helped reorganise displaced content and create a better user experience for potential and existing customers of Silver.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Silver on this project, from brief generation to final product. This website will allow Silver  to connect customers and future employees with their wide range of services and experience to build a richer base of customers and employees.

End-to-end approach


Communication workshop, research and analysis

IA Audit

Content evaluation / Categorisation and taxonomy / Navigation labelling and wayfinding / New site map / Migration planning

UX/UI Design

UX wireframming / UI design / UI Toolkit (style guide and designs) / user testing / forms


Content migration / refinement for all design stages exercise

QA refinement

Quality assurance testing / refinement / prototype testing

Deployment support

Internal and external implement / Staging site development and testing / live site deployment

At the start of our website journey, LUV made sure they discussed our goals and aspirations for the website to properly understand and accurately position our business, brand and reputation. We have enjoyed the experience and working alongside LUV throughout the journey, who remained during the process and quickly responded to our queries. The priority of understanding our brand and key objectives has ensured a seamless collaboration. Since launch we’ve received great feedback the website design and navigation, and this has significantly enhanced our online presence. Our website is now future proofed as we continue grow the services and teams across our business.

Tracey Holland, Director, Strategy & Business Development