Design, digital and aftercare & support

The Belgrave Hotel

Customer service is at the heart of every successful hotel and The Belgrave is especially good at nurturing long term relationships with guests and are always looking for new ways to connect with them. New technologies opens up new opportunities to communicate and help guests get the best out of their stay at The Belgrave.


The Belgrave London is a family owned and run luxury hotel committed to providing a personal level of excellent customer service.

Situated at a convenient central London location, just a stone’s throw from Victoria train station and Pimlico underground station, the hotel is a perfect location for exploring everything London has to offer.

With impeccable service and a warm friendly vibe, The Belgrave London make each stay a truly indulgent experience.


LUV were commissioned to create a unified brand message that will be used across all promotional activities; offline and online.

The newly launched website was designed to reflect the interior design within this digital space.


This visual identity has been extended across a luxury selection of branded products throughout the hotel using raw materials such as slate to compliment the surrounding interiors and colour schemes.

A mac on a desk and surround desk elements featuring the home page of the Belgrave hotel website


Through our brand progression, we collaborated with a leading team of producers and filmmakers to encapsulate our brand strap line ‘A little bit of quiet luxury’ through visual storytelling.

This visual storytelling resulted in a promotional video that captured the variety of demographics that would visit the hotel; as well as highlight the activities in and outside the hotel.

Working with LUV has enabled me to focus my time on improving other areas of the business as I trusted them fully with the delivery of creative solutions that catered to our problems. They have done an excellent job on understanding the briefs and coming back with great ideas and suggestions that we often run forward with. We have developed a great relationship; it feels like working with my friends and I really enjoy working with them.

Riz Ali, Operations Manager