How to design a winning bid

Wednesday 12 January, 2022

Writing a top-notch bid is only one part of the puzzle, here at LUV we eat, sleep bid documents – below are a few pointers our team follow to be successful and hopefully we can help you get past that finishing line with a winning bid together.

Distinctive Branding – add flair!

Creating a bespoke brand using shapes and colours that are inspired by the subject matter can make your bid stand out from the crowd. Using this idea can subtlety acknowledge the achievable outcome of the project whilst simultaneously inspiring the reader. Make sure the brand is original and memorable, also being mindful of it not reminding readers of other mainstay brands.

Engaging the reader with a distinctive and well-designed brochure can be achieved with a clever use of materials and printing methods if they require a printed submission, alternatively, if the requirement is an electronic submission, we can apply various interactive formats to portray the same high-quality brochure.

Elements of the brand shape/colours can potentially be used to create on-brand signposts as well as across infographics/charts/graphs throughout the document, which can also strengthen the brand.

Using simplified shapes from your brand seamlessly throughout the document can make it less monotonous by introducing splashes of colour to generic text on white pages.


A good template will provide a great foundation for your document, allowing you to build well organised blocks with ease and minimal hassle. We can produce bespoke submissions by understanding both your requests and requirements (and sometimes limitations) of public and private sector bids.

Here are a few guidelines we follow here:

Adapt the number of columns, as per content supplied:

  • Consider page elements (eg. Page footers, section indicators)
  • Slimmer columns: for easier to read text
  • Wider columns: for larger images and other graphics (eg. Tables, plans, maps)

Setup the pages to accommodate all required/relevant information:

  • Page Heading
  • Section dividers/indicators
  • Title Indicators/breaks
  • Potential Images/infographics/graphics
  • Footer (bid title, bid info, companies involved, page numbers)


Collaborating with our team here at LUV would allow bid writers to concentrate on writing, and they can orchestrate the document rather than balancing their role

A key phase our team will support you on is the organisation of the information, creating organised section breaks and titles can help break up information into a more easily digestible size.

Sign Posting & Hierarchy

Creating a well sign posted document would benefit readers with an easy to navigate bid. This can be as simple as a well laid out contents page or well executed use of the brand colours.

Simple use of divider/section breaks, and text column breaks can help readers define points/locations where content ends and new sections begin.

Utilising elements and/or colours from the brand shape to create tabs/shapes to indicate sections/titles is a good way to reinforce the brand, whilst creating a unique signpost for readers to use as navigational points. An intelligent use of colours can emphasise the brand and work well to brighten a dull document.

Following the below points regarding hierarchy will help readers orientate and navigate your document.

Overall Document Hierarchy

Cover > Flysheet > Contents > Section/Divider Page > Page Title > Quote > Title > Sub-Title > Text

Following this hierarchy will assist the reader with simplicity and consistency of the material being interpreted thus allowing them to easily navigate through to specific sections/titles within the document. Clever use of colours and/or unique shapes can help define these segments.

Text Hierarchy

Page Title > Quote strong > Title > Sub-Title > Text > Caption

Text on each individual pages should follow the above hierarchy; this includes both consistent size and style of the font. This will help navigate the reader through the document allowing them read at a comfortable pace and in certain cases re-navigate to points in the document without any hesitation.


To summarise…

Create a bespoke brand

Use shapes and colours that are inspired by the subject matter

Establish a document template

This will provide a great foundation for your document

Collaborate together

To benefit from each individual’s talent

Create a well sign posted document

This would assist readers with an easy to navigate bid

Follow a set hierarchy

This will help readers orientate and navigate your document easier.

Organise content

Creating organised section breaks and titles to help break up information into a more easily digestible size.

Get in touch

Drop us a line today to discuss more about collaborating together to create your next award-winning bid. We’d love to hear from you.

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