Introducing Fiction Fauna: Biological pets

Sunday 10 October, 2021

We’re proud to present Fiction Fauna© — an exciting new and wildly popular group of biological pets created by Jun Seo Hahm with LUV.

About our collaboration

As a design agency, we are a creative design & digital studio that love collaborating with illustrators and routinely seek partnerships with inspirational, creative people and companies that share the same passion as us.

We love the smell of paper, texture of materials, and seeing it all come together as finished merchandise and the emotions it evokes in customers. We love the journey of collaboration, the sense of the new and the undiscovered; unseen and unpublished.

We met Jun Seo Hahm, an award winning filmmaker / digital artist based in Korea during one of his seminal lecture series; and on conversing, quickly found that we shared many of the same ideas and passions. We started collaborating through many ideation and design workshops; and this is how the idea for Fiction Fauna© was created.

What is Fiction Fauna?

Fiction Fauna© were originally created as biological pets; animal-like artificial creatures with AI-based intelligence and emotions. These creatures were created in response to our ever-evolving and improving society and how we go about our daily lives with our pets now and in the future.

Introducing the characters

Each of the Fiction Fauna© creatures has its own unique characteristics and backstory. The creatures’ stories are diverse yet easily relatable, accessible and share a common theme; they are all biological and mystical in some aspect of their features or their backgrounds.

The simplicity of their aesthetics resonate strongly with their stories and is one of the main reasons why they are engaging to prospective owners.

To find out more about Fiction Fauna©, visit the Fiction Fauna website.



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