Supporting Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH)

Thursday 4 July, 2024

Over the past few months, we have collaborated with Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH) to deliver and implement a range of creative outputs through various channels. These efforts include achieving brand unification across all creative platforms, generating design templates for community posters and newsletters, providing website content updates, and advising on additional surveying approaches for enhanced ongoing and internal tenant satisfaction metrics supplementing the Tenant Survey Measures data.

About WECH

Based in Westminster, London, WECH is a resident-controlled housing association formed in the 1980s when locals rallied against the sale of their homes to private developers. With a rich history, WECH today stands as a beacon of how resident control can revitalise rundown estates and create sustainable, inclusive communities from the ground up.

Creating Brand Unification Across All Creative Channels

One key aim of this collaboration was to establish a brand strategy that outlined a step-by-step process for achieving brand unification across all creative channels. At the start of this journey, we reviewed the existing logo and its uses across all communication platforms. Since the original icon logo had to be retained, we recommended a typographic logo approach to be used alongside the original icon. This approach creates a more accessible brand with clearer identification for potential stakeholders and new residents.

Design Guidelines for Community Posters

We further developed this brand journey by establishing a brand toolkit that includes a primary and secondary colour palette, typography, and logo and pattern usage guidelines. Recognising WECH’s history and heritage as integral to its identity, we drew design inspiration from the pop art-style posters and graphics created during the historic campaign in the 1980s. During this time, WECH residents formed the Walterton and Elgin Action Group (WEAG) and organised protests, petitions, and their plan to save local homes for people in need of rental housing. Our proposed community poster concepts combine bold, bright colours with geometric shapes and client-supplied imagery to create a design template that the WECH community development team can easily replicate for future posters.

Design and Development of Community Newsletters

Leveraging the principles of our newly established brand guidelines, we also crafted an innovative A5 newsletter template design to be delivered quarterly to WECH residents. We collaborated closely with the WECH team and residents, transforming their latest news and events into visually engaging layouts.

Website Support

Promoting news and events across multiple channels is crucial for fostering community engagement and transparency. We have supported WECH with user experience and content migration services on their website to ensure their content is easily accessible to WECH residents.


We have thoroughly enjoyed working with WECH over the past few months, supporting them across various channels and evolving our collaboration with their team. We are grateful for the opportunity to help make positive contributions to the WECH community.

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